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Sperm Improvement Through Amino Acids
October 22nd, 2013


Male sexual and reproductive health does not end in male enhancement or addressing erectile dysfunction symptoms. There is also the matter of sperm health and quality, specifically being able to maintain optimal sperm count and sperm motility. This is how you get a much better chance of fathering a child, especially if you and your partner are already thinking about it and planning it.

Your sperm count is measured through determining the number of sperm in one millimeter of semen. Beware, because a sperm count of less than 40 million per milliliter is considered less than optimal and will usually result in fertility problems. As for sperm motility, it refers to how your sperm moves; it is measured using the percentage of sperm that will move forward toward the woman’s uterus. It is normal to have a motility rate of 50 percent or greater. Less than 50 percent motility rate is referred to as poor motility, and it will typically result in fertility concerns.

The good news is some amino acids can be used to improve sperm count and motility. There are various health conditions that can cause infertility, so be sure to get the right potential treatment. Ask your doctor, too, before taking an amino acid supplement to attempt to solve any fertility issue.

You may consume foods that are rich in L-arginine, such as poultry, red meat, fish, and diary. Once in your body, amino acids are converted to nitric acid, which dilates blood vessels and enhances circulation. Your sperm health is enhanced and your sperm motility is increased when you have better circulation to your groin.

You may also snack on pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds, dried fruits, and nuts and granola, which are all packed with L-carnitine, an amino acid reducing inflammation of your prostate, seminal vesicles, and epididymis. L-carnitine enhances sperm motility. Additionally, you may incorporate tofu, beans, peas, lentils, and peanuts in your diet – this way you can get L-lysine, an amino acid raising sperm count when used in combination with zinc. Zinc-rich sources include oysters, wheat germ, mutton, and dark chocolate. Eat L-lysine and zinc-rich foods together for best results.

Finally, you can explore amino acid supplementation if you have a hard time adding fertility-supporting amino acids to your diet. Amino acids are best consumed via food and not through synthetic supplements, but you can get a high-quality amino acid supplement than be content with nothing. Talk to your doctor for the best potential treatment plan to address your fertility concerns, and if amino acids are best part of the equation.

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